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Ein androgyner Scherz
by Julia Lübbecke

in cooperation and curated by Timo Zündorf.


03.05. - 13.05.2018
Sa + Su // 2-6pm

Uneindeutigkeiten die dein Begehren wecken?
Menschliche und zugleich tierische Aspekte.
Ein Vergnügen aus dem Inneren heraus.
Aus einer Berührung?
Möglicherweise aus einer Phantasie oder Erinnerung.

"Endlich ahnen nicht nur wissen". (R.T.)

Ambiguities that arouse your desire?
Human and animal aspects at the same time.
A pleasure from within.
From a touch?
Possibly from a fantasy or memory.


Julia Lübbecke, born 1989 in Gießen, currently lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig.
She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague finishing 2015 with a Bachelor degree of great honours. Currently she is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig under the guidance of Tina Bara and Peggy Buth.
Her works have been exhibited in various solo and group shows throughout different countries such as Pikaia in Antwerp (BE/2014), National Gallery in Prague (CZ/2015), ACUD in Berlin (DE/2016), Centrul Artelor Vizuale Multimedia in Bucarest (RO/2017) and Bistro 21 in Leipzig (DE/2018).

Timo Zündorf was born in 1990 in Wuppertal, Germany.
After studying Art History and Performance studies in Berlin, Timo moved to Antwerp to study in the Fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Walter Van Beirendonck. He graduated with a Masters degree in 2016 and has since been working on the menswear collection of Dries Van Noten.
His independent work has been featured in several exhibitions, showrooms and magazines.