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"short amorph" by
Julia Lübbecke

Opening Friday, 08.09.2017 3pm

„…ich kann nicht sagen, irgendwo auf der Welt gibt es eine Ideologie, die meinen Standpunkt oder meiner Unschlüssigkeit entspricht.”

(Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

A three-day exhibition building up, building off from one day to the other.
You will be able to see photographs, videos, texts in various forms and sizes.

There might be some sound.



Friday “Strategies of Coherence“

3pm - 6pm Performance: “Building up Strategies“

From 6pm - 11pm “Strategies of Coherence” on display


Saturday “A Term under Erasure“

3pm - 11pm Screening in Loop „A Term under Erasure / chapter 5.5“


Sunday “Dialogical Imagination”
4pm - 6pm


Julia Lübbecke, born 1989 in Gießen (DE), currently lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig (DE).

She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (BE) and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (CZ) finishing 2015 with a Bachelor degree of great honours. Currently she is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig under the guidance of Tina Bara and Peggy Buth.

To conceive identity as a temporary platform and therefore to analyze, reflect and question the given categorical limitations is the field in which her works operate. The fragmentized and fluid form of identity is founded in its narratives. Julia Lübbecke transforms the fragmentized narration in a formal way onto the critical (de-)montage of her artwork. Coming from a classical approach towards the media photography she developed an experimental and conceptual form of work in the field of transmedia video-art in which she is focused on the moved image. Explicitly the counterplay of photography and film and the question of an (im)possible border between them.

Her works have been exhibited in various solo and group shows throughout different countries such as the off-space Pikaia in Antwerp (BE/2014), National Gallery in Prague (CZ/2015), Off-Biennale Budapest in the Hungarian Centre of Culture and Art in Prague/Budapest (CZ/HU2015), ACUD in Berlin (DE/2016) and premiered on the Berlin Feminist Film Week 2017 (DE). She recently received the grant of the “Freundeskreis der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig” to attend this year’s International Summer Academy in Salzburg (AT).