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Geometry of a text // Gregoire Rousseau


16.11. - 26.11.2017
Sa + Su // 2-6pm
20.11. (Mo) - 22.11. (Wed) / 2-6pm -- the artist will be present

/ Exhibition at KASKL gallery November 2017,
/ by Gregoire Rousseau.

The exhibition “Geometry of a text” originates from my contribution published in the journal Rabrab #04 in the autumn of 2017. The text “Geometry of Paper Tiger” proposes in the first place the statement that theory provides ground for strategy which then takes form in tactics. Then, I develop to define a model for the modality of zones of emergence: the second proposal is that this transition forms in orthogonality and in multiples. An example for this model could be guerrilla warfare in China as theorized by Mao, which includes the famous quote “Imperialism is a paper tiger…”, (refer to text for full quote).

While writing the text, I realized that schemas, possible model images and volumes can operate both as a method to visualize abstraction and as a device for formal research. The paper tiger turned out geometrical. The need for a break at the conceptual level when applied to geometry took form in perpendicular lines, at an angle of 90 degrees. If theory provides the ground then it has to be a plane-2D-, emerging from that plane comes the line-1D-, and finally the point-singularity-. There is an obvious linearity of geometrical forms at work. Beginning with written form, this theoretical mind process led me to research and develop new visual models and forms of volume in motion.

The exhibition “Geometry of a text” reflects on the idea that form can follow text as research follows a question: a written form process produces a ground for new visual possibilities for artistic research. The electric sculpture does not represent a chronology of writing, or some precise narrative of research. Instead, the form is experimental. “Geometry of a text” operates in fact as a break in temporality, the eyes together with the mind move back and forth between final form to attempts, experiments, failures and other ideas going further from the text. “Geometry of a text” produces a real time collage, an operation of knowledge production providing a starting point and inviting to free association of ideas.

Gregoire Rousseau


Gregoire Rousseau is visual artist based in Helsinki since 2000. He has been teaching regularly technology in contemporary art practice in Finnish academy of Fine Arts in “Time and Space” and Sculpture departments, and as invited teacher in Aalto university, Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, Oslo academy of Fine Art, La Cambre academy in Bruxelles and in 2016 co-organized “Intervention on Equality and Aesthetics of Knowledge” workshop run with Ivana Momcilovic and Jacques Ranciére in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

His work ranges from audio performance to text based installation, always proceeding from a research on an artistic practice that stands for material as language, and concept taking form based on knowledge. His main latest works include exhibiions in “De la Charge” in Bruxelles 2015, Oksasenkatu11 Helsinki 2015, Titanik Turku 2016, Kunstpavillon Munich 2016, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki 2017 and Research Pavilion in Venice 2017. In 2014, he s co-founded Rabrab Press with Sezgin Boynik, Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Arts. Rabrab Press is now celebrating his fourth journal issue.

Supported by Frame and TAIKE.

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