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Sophia Domagala

Opening Thursday, 18.01.2018 / 7-10pm
Exhibition 20.01. - 04.02.2018
Sa + Su / 2-6pm

I was walking along the sidewalk

In all the daily pain

& miserable faces & awful air.

up above in a flower box

Were yellow tulips, too real

to be real, so big

and sexual-looking in

that funny way flowers

always are. I guess

they were like heads

poking in from another

world. How do you

like Wednesday, you

beautiful things?

(Yellow Tulips by Eileen Myles)


Sophia Domagala’s practice includes drawing, painting and sculpture. With simple tools she is trying to get closer to the profane thoughts, desires and feelings of us humans. She is not necessarily interested in painting, drawing or sculpture as such. Natural fragments, forms and motifs are constantly repeated and deepened in