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Opening: 17.11.2016, 19 — 23 Uhr
Ausstellung: 19.11. — 04.12.2016
Sa. + So. 14 — 18 Uhr

KASKL is happy to invite You to "The ultimate Kunst Experience" by Athens based artists Eleni Tsamadia and Alexandra Ioannidi who will present a critical view of the last Dokumenta cooperation with the Athens art sceene.

From the artist's statement:

During last summer the development of the Athens Kassel situation as well as Mariana Abramovic's "as one" and Ai Weiwei's "presence and actions" have become the main input for Athens' young artists.

Let's assume that was to be expected.

But what happens if you overly promote these happenings to a not exactly westernminded population, which also happens not to have a great history of involvement or pioneering in conceptual art. Our interest in that situation can be derived from their [Dokumenta's] quest for finding volunteers in Athens School of Fine Arts (where we are still studying) and the conditions and aftertaste created by this institutional call. According to their curatorial statement their interest was in humanitarian questions arising from the latest sociopolitical developments. We could not find any evidence for this interest. So, by using the spectrum of a supposed local informer, we are trying to make any sense of the causality/necessity of their dialectics.