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"Sad Boys"

Eric Meier

Opening: Thursday, 22.06.2017 / 7pm
Exhibition: 22.06.17 - 02.07.17
Sat + Sun 14 - 18h
Closing event: July 2nd
KASKL’s 1st Birthday & BBQ

Sad Boys

nineteen ninety two Zone. Fanta, Cola. Tipo


nineteen ninety five. B-FF
nineteen ninety six. LOVE.


nineteen ninety seven P2. Nord. Minimal


nineteen ninety eight. Energy. zit zit zit.


changes. Tupac, glänzende Schlange. 3000GT, Pajero.

nineteen ninety nine. Fragment.


For his first solo exhibition Eric Meier is showing new plaster and concrete objects along with a new series of photographs. The work reflects a certain status of helplessness and mental overload.
Architectural fragments are connected to former GDR military uniforms. Like shells without a physical body they are only leftovers from a former system. Dull and grey memories.


Eric Meier (*1989 in Berlin) lives and works in Berlin.
He is currently studying in the sculpture class of Prof. Manfred Pernice at UdK Berlin and in the class of Prof. Heidi Specker at HGB Leipzig, where he is doing his diploma in winter next year.

Over the past years his photographic work has evolved more and more into physical space.With a main interest in post soviet / post socialist society Eric Meier questions identity, affinity, rootlessness and structures of new liberty often connected to his own biographical background.

In May he received a working grant by the German Academic Scholarship foundation to extend his work abroad in Moldova on a project dealing with Russian and European tendencies within society.