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Kill You // Johannes Rantapuska


27.10. - 12.11.17

Thu - Sun // 2-6pm
(installation is viewable from outside at any time of the day)

Kilju is a Finnish homemade alcohol drink made out of water, sugar and yeast. The combination will start a fermentation process that motorizes an installation at the gallery. Alongside the installation a theme-related catalogue will be released and available on the spot. During the three week exhibition, the fermentation maintains the installation in motion until it eventually reaches its completion and matured kilju will be served to the visitors at the finissage (date to be announced).

Artist Jarkko Räsänen (FI), will perform an improvised sound piece at the opening.
He will use real time sound of the fermentation as a source.


Johannes Rantapuska is a thirty-something teenager with a slacker mentality and an academic art degree.
With a good mix of both, he's hoping to bring some relevant stories to the world.
His work ranges from site-specific installation in New York City to bicycling in Athens subway tunnels.