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Opening: THU Nov. 30th, 7 p. m.
Exhibition: Dec. 2nd - Dec. 17th, SAT + SUN, 2 - 6 p. m.

KISS principle* (Slightly disturbed by my seat in the show)

“Let’s be clear, it’s not easy to be a spectator, witnessing the action without having the opportunity to participate. And yes, of course we want to participate, we want to be the guy that kills the bad boy or the good one, does it matter? We would love to be there and feel the acrid smell of blood staining the walls. Yeah, it sounds a bit strong also for me but what the fuck, who cares anyway? Blood makes you feel alive, the same as hate or anger. When I see those images, for some unknown reason it takes me to when I was a kid and I played with my friends in the sand for hours in autumn. It was cold and it did smell like cold. We used to play with marbles until the dusk and we welcomed the night as the time to go back to our warm homes. I can remember that smell sometimes when I watch the news. I know those dusty places are full of death and that they are fucking damn hot, but yeah, they make me feel hot with all that disgrace, risk and passion floating around. I discovered sex in one of those autumns, one spare sunday that I was alone at home. Someone had forgotten an erotic novel around and I found it. It was weird, it felt strange moving my dick up and down, it was the first time I looked at it so long and so intentionally, haunted and trapped by pleasure, puzzled to
feel so individual, so me. “

Thus spoke Golemustra

* KISS stands for (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Javier Chozas is currently studying a MFA Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University. He has a MFA from the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and a degree in Architecture from the School of
Architecture in Madrid. His work has been shown in China, France, Netherlands, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Germany and Spain among others in venues like La Casa Encendida, Matadero and Tabacalera (Madrid), Wurth Museum (La Rioja), P60 (Amstelveen), Kunsthaus Bethanien (Berlin), La Panacée (Montpellier) or Bólit (Girone). He published his first essay, Digital Time. Narcissus narcotised, in 2014.